Introduction: From Dream to Reality

In October 2016, we decided to actualize our long-time dream of building our home in the mountains of Alaska. It started with purchasing 2 acres of deep green forest on Alaska’s Kenai peninsula -a land of rugged and glaciated mountains, misty fjords, and amazing wildlife. We had always wanted to live close to nature in an environment that promoted our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. For us that meant a place that would encourage adventure, a place where we could build our own house debt-free, live off-grid, maintain a large garden, hunt, fish and gather the majority of our food. With its real spirit of adventure and plentiful wild resources, Alaska is, for us, the place to be.

The creek running along our land

Since purchasing our land, we have worked hard to research, plan, and put into motion our ideas for our new life. This blog is a record of our endeavors, intended to entertain, educate, and hopefully inspire those of you curious enough to read it. We plan to document the entire process of building our home, implementing alternative energies, establishing a garden, collecting water, and other topics that this adventure will inevitably lead to. Follow us on our journey as we build, grow, and learn.

-Sarah and Mark


One thought on “Introduction: From Dream to Reality

  1. Oh, Mark. I called you John in my reply: I must be getting old and “dotty” or just distracted. Sorry.


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