Decked Out

The week started off on a high note, as we had our wonderful friends Rhett and Whitney visiting from out of town. Mark and I took a few days off from building to do a little hiking and a lot of catching up with them, and in the process realized that these were the first … Continue reading Decked Out


A *Rock* Solid Foundation

If you guessed that this post has a lot to do with rocks, you guessed right! After wading through (and nearly drowning in) the virtual sea of information online regarding building a foundation, we finally decided to build our cabin with a concrete piling foundation. We decided on this foundation type because of A) uneven … Continue reading A *Rock* Solid Foundation

Clearing and Accessing the Build Site

Once the ground had thawed and a build site for the tiny cabin was selected, two major obstacles stood between us and starting construction: large trees and a steep hill. The 10 ft x 20 ft rectangle that we selected for our cabin's footprint was flanked by some really large (over 100 ft tall) and … Continue reading Clearing and Accessing the Build Site

The Joy of (pressure) Cooking

"How do you cook?" is one question that we frequently get asked by those who know that we are living out of our suburban while building a cabin in the woods. Most people expect our cooking operation to be pretty low-key or non-existent, but in reality our outdoor kitchen can do most things that a … Continue reading The Joy of (pressure) Cooking

Easy curried lentils and spinach

This is my kind of car camping meal- quick, easy, cheap, filling, and nutritionally dense. You can cook it in a pressure cooker and make it even faster, too Ingredients: One cup dry brown lentils One can coconut milk 1 Tbs good quality curry powder 1/2 bag frozen spinach, thawed and drained (or you can … Continue reading Easy curried lentils and spinach

The first step: building a shed

Building a shed is a great way to hone your skills before building your ACTUAL home. We also needed a dry and safe storage area for tools and supplies before we could start building our house because, let's face it, a Chevy Suburban that is being lived in doesn't really afford much extra storage space. … Continue reading The first step: building a shed

How to build a gravity fed water filter for under $60

This is by far the easiest and least expensive way to filter water on a large(ish) scale for household use. We use it to filter the water from our creek (which we is rumored to have giardia) for drinking water. There is a commercial version of this water filter that looks really slick (almost like … Continue reading How to build a gravity fed water filter for under $60

Waiting for the Snow to Melt and Suburban Life

It's "breakup season" in Alaska, meaning the season spanning late winter and early spring in which the snow melts, the ground begins to thaw, and the rivers start to open. As any Alaskan will tell you, breakup season is messy, requiring rubber boots and a causal indifference¬†toward the amount of dirt and dust buildup on … Continue reading Waiting for the Snow to Melt and Suburban Life

Choosing and Purchasing Land

For us, and for anyone wanting to own property, choosing the right piece of land is monumentally important.¬†Before we even did our first search on Zillow or clicked on a single Craigslist ad, we sat down and had a conversation about what we wanted in a piece of property. Once we had an idea of … Continue reading Choosing and Purchasing Land