Off-Grid Electricity: the Long Road to Self-Sufficiency

Admittedly, this post is long overdue. We've had to put off writing about our electrical system because the journey has been long and slow, and we wanted to complete it before writing about it. Now, the good news: as of a few weeks ago, we are functioning on 100% solar power. No small feat! But … Continue reading Off-Grid Electricity: the Long Road to Self-Sufficiency


Fiddlehead Pesto Pasta

It's fiddlehead season in southcentral Alaska! For me, the emergence of fiddleheads marks the start of the foraging season, as they are some of the first plants to resurrect in the spring. Fortunately for me, our backyard is brimming with them! But before we hit the recipe, a few guidelines on foraging for fiddleheads (see … Continue reading Fiddlehead Pesto Pasta

Hunting for Chaga

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus), in case you don't know, is a fungus that parasitizes birch trees in northern latitudes and has been harvested and consumed by northern peoples for hundreds of years. Chaga has long been a staple amongst circumpolar folk and alternative medicine, though recent years have seen it gain popularity in the main stream, … Continue reading Hunting for Chaga

When The Sun Doesn’t Rise

Today, we have a special weekend bonus entry. Before we lived where we are now, we lived in the tiny community of Coldfoot (50 miles North of the Arctic Circle!), working seasonal jobs. The last sunrise each Winter in Coldfoot was Nov 18th, and it didn't return until January 23rd! While there, we worked really … Continue reading When The Sun Doesn’t Rise

Off-grid Dry Cabin Bathroom

Yes, we have a bathroom. No, it's not an outhouse. And yes, it has a toilet AND a shower. These are questions that we get asked all the time, so in an effort to quell some of the rampant curiosity, I decided to write a blog post about it. Our house, like so many others … Continue reading Off-grid Dry Cabin Bathroom

One Step at a Time

After spending the past six months building our house and homestead, the one word of advice that I would give to others doing the same thing is patience. Patience with the weather, patience with the task at hand, and patience with yourself. It's far too easy to get wrapped up in high expectations and lofty … Continue reading One Step at a Time

Our Forest Indoors and Out

From the beginning of our build, Sarah and I have wanted to use the amazing and abundant wood resource on our land to meld our little cabin home into the forest around us. What better way to resurrect those 14 trees we had to clear for our cabin site than to use them to enliven … Continue reading Our Forest Indoors and Out

Goodbye Fall

We're halfway through October and here at over 60 degrees North latitude,  Fall has breathed it's last breath for the year. The termination dust (first snows on the mountain tops) is making it's way down the mountains and it won't be long (tomorrow!) before it coats the valley floors too. The bright colors of fall- … Continue reading Goodbye Fall

How to Make your Walls Look Like a Million Bucks on the Cheap

When it came time to finish the inside walls, we had some decisions to make. Drywall, though a popular option, requires a ton of work and some specialty equipment and tools to install and is messy! The most common alternative to drywall is tongue and groove pine planks, which are often seen in cabins and … Continue reading How to Make your Walls Look Like a Million Bucks on the Cheap