SO much has happened since our last blog post nearly three weeks ago. We were fortunate to host Mark's parents for the past two weeks, and they were kind enough to spend most of their trip helping out with the house. Due to all of our combined efforts, we were able to complete the framing, … Continue reading Homeowners


The first step: building a shed

Building a shed is a great way to hone your skills before building your ACTUAL home. We also needed a dry and safe storage area for tools and supplies before we could start building our house because, let's face it, a Chevy Suburban that is being lived in doesn't really afford much extra storage space. … Continue reading The first step: building a shed

Drafting the House

  To ┬ástart planning our house we did a lot of reading asking local building contractors in our area and watched many YouTube videos. Eventually we came across a widely used program called SketchUp, which is kind of like AutoCAD, but less fancy. This FREE program helped us draw out exactly what we had in … Continue reading Drafting the House